About Jeff

Where to begin? Well, I was born in Concord, Massachusetts and lived in that great state the first 23 years of my life. Included in there are four fantastic years at Emerson College in Boston, where I came to love the city. Then came 8 months in Los Angeles, 2 years in Charlotte, NC, and now a return to Los Angeles.

Bitten by the radio bug during a science project recorded at my high school radio station WIQH at the age of 15, broadcasting is my chosen career path. My two major passions, sports and music, translated perfectly over to radio.

On the sports side, pro football has always been first and foremost. A Patriots fan BEFORE Bill Belichick and Tom Brady brought the team to the promised land (trust me, the Pete Carroll era was ugly), my heart will always be in Foxboro before Fenway and the Garden. Yes, I love my Sox, Bruins, and Celtics too, but nothing compares to a Sunday afternoon watching football. Don’t even get me started on Division I collegiate sports.

On the music side, I went through a number of phases like anyone else. Yes, I listened to Linkin Park and Sevendust in middle school (why Jeff, why?), but that was before discovering the Led Zeppelin catalogue. Zeppelin led to discovering not only their contemporaries like The Who, Clapton, and The Rolling Stones, but also their blues influences in Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Son House. My musical pallet expanded at Emerson and WERS-FM through The Shins, Regina Spektor, and Bon Iver.

Speaking of WERS, that is where everything came together for the future. I love public radio and the increasing number of very successful and popular stations throughout the country. Established favorites like XPN and The Current along with new up and comers like KXT and KCSN produce such terrific programming and inspire artistic discovery in their communities.

Personality wise, I’m laid back and too sarcastic for my own good. Easy going day-to-day, my passion will burst forth when necessary. Other interests include good food (I’m on the path to becoming a foodie), good beer, and a touch of presidential history. Throw in a little caffeine and that pretty much sums me up.

Here you can find out more about my background, see my professional and personal projects, and more.